Willow Tree Mother and Son Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 32981


  • Dust with a soft cloth
  • Avoid water or solvents when cleaning
  • Measures 8" tall

The bond between a mother and son is such a special one. That connection is memorialized in this Willow Tree Mother and Son Figurine by Susan Lordi. Mom is the first one to comfort her little boy when he scratches his knee, the first to teach him about love, and the first to give him advice has he starts dating. Those who love Willow Tree figurines know that each piece comes with a little sentiment card and this one reads "celebrating the bonds of love between mothers and sons." You can see here that mom is this little boy's safe space as he nuzzles against her and she gently holds him close to put him at least. It's the representation of a mother's love for her son.

Susan Lordi takes her inspiration from so much of the world around her. On the prairies near Kansas City where her studio is located, she takes inspiration from the wind moving through the tall grasses and the soft muted colors of prairie flowers. She is also influenced by the movement in dance, the techniques in art history, and the emotional connection found in family and friends. All of this comes together in her Willow Tree pieces. What's important to her, though, is that each person brings their own meaning to the figurines. That's why she leaves the faces blank so that when given as a gift, the meaning is created by the two people giving and receiving the piece. Create memories with the gift of the Willow Tree Mother and Son Figurine by Susan Lordi.