Yellowstone Canvas Magnet by Sunnie Lane


SKU: 81711


  • Size: 3" inches by 5" inches
  • Made in USA
  • Canvas Wrapped

 Yellowstone National Park is known for its vast array of thermal water features and abundance of wildlife, but did you know how truly huge this park is? Yellowstone spans over 3,450 square miles, which in comparison, is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined! This massive area is home to over 10,000 hydrothermal features including hot springs and geysers. If you love YNP just as much as we do, make sure to pick up the Yellowstone Canvas Magnet by Sunnie Lane. Measuring 3" inches by 5" inches, this magnet was made right here in the USA and is canvas wrapped. What a perfect way to remember your fondest memories in this massive national park!

Since 1990, Sunnie Lane has been a company that is passionate about crafting fun souvenirs from real pressed flowers.  Years later, after much success in this field, this homegrown company now creates beautiful bookmarks, jewelry, magnets, and more to remind travelers of the wonderful times they've spent throughout the United States. 

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