Legacy Vendors of Montana Gift Corral - Part 2

If you read last weeks blog, you learned that Montana Gift Corral is celebrating 30 years of business. In the blog, Legacy Vendors of Montana Gift Corral - Part 1, we celebrate and honor Montana Made vendors that have been with Montana Gift Corral nearly as long as we have been open. Respectfully, we honored those vendors with the esteemed title of 'Legacy Vendor,' as we looked back at the long standing impact they have had on establishing Montana Gift Corral in the Bozeman community.

This week, we continue the celebration by recognizing more of our local, Montana vendors that have earned the title of Legacy Vendor. From horse hair accessories, copper jewelry, and lanolin lotion, to huckleberry treats and books on the history of Montana, these featured Legacy Vendors helped shape what it means to shop Montana Gift Corral.

Roseworks MT

Over the last 30 years, Montana Gift Corral has carefully curated a collection of vendors that capture the essence of what it means to be Montana. Early on in this endeavor, we partnered with Roseworks MT. Roseworks MT is based in Big Fork, Montana; a part of Big Sky Country that radiates a magnificence unmatched. John Rose, the skilled craftsman behind Roseworks MT, represented to us the spirit that Montana holds. His dedication to traditional techniques when honing metals and his natural designs reflected the essence of Montana, and ever since then, Montana Gift Corral has carried his handcrafted, copper art. It's Legacy Vendors like Roseworks MT that helped shape our vision of what it means to be Montana Gift Corral.

Roseworks MT

Cowboy Collectibles 

Founded out of Hungry Horse, Montana, Cowboy Collectibles is an equestrian-loving company we are proud to have over 2 decades of partnership with. Naturally, horse hair is a beautiful and coarse material that, historically, has been used for textiles. Born from the desire to sustainably produce horse hair products in a market that doesn't, Cowboy Collectibles set a standard of production that prioritizes the horses safety above all else. Remaining locally based in Montana, Cowboy Collectibles handcrafts beautifully unique horse hair jewelry with compassion, quality, and care. Montana Gift Corral celebrates our partnership with this Legacy Vendor and their achievement of sustainable production of local, horse hair accessories. 

Cowboy Collectible

Farcountry Press

For over 40 years Farcountry Press has been publishing the work of local, Montanan authors near and far. Based out of Helena, the capital of Montana, Farcountry Press aims to support the production of local literature. From educational books for children and photography books, to local guidebooks and historical titles, Montana Gift Corral has proudly carried Farcountry Press for decades, rightfully earning them the title of Legacy Vendor. It is an honor to work with a company that supports local authors, and we take pride in supporting an educated Montana. As we look forward, we can't wait to see what new, informative literature we will carry as our partnership with Farcountry Press continues.

Farcountry Press

Huckleberry People

Montana Gift Corral wouldn't be what it is today without our partnership with Legacy Vendor, Huckleberry People. Founded in 1984, Huckleberry People paved the way for the distribution of the local, Montana delicacy, wild huckleberry. This family-owned business out of Missoula, uses family recipes when crafting their huckleberry treats. They rely on naturally grown, wild huckleberries that add a level of freshness other companies don't have. We are proud to carry this family-owned business and to provide an opportunity for anyone to get a taste of Montana's very best, the wild huckleberry. Not only do we carry this Legacy Vendor's tasty treats like their Huckleberry Dark Chocolate Bar, we also carry their body products like the popular, Huckleberry Shea Butter Soap. So celebrate our 30th birthday with us with a delicious Huckleberry People treat!


Marcha Labs

For over two decades, Montana Gift Corral has carried the powerful Wool Wax Creme from the Legacy Vendor, Marcha Labs. Our connection to providing hardworking hands a locally-made solution to painful cracking and dryness met it's match with the miracle-working lanolin cream. Operating out of Miles City, Montana, Marcha Labs is a family owned and operated business. This family of five raises and cares for the sheep, and the care and love they put into raising their sheep can be felt by the healing properties in the lanolin. We are proud to carry Marcha Labs, supporting a small, locally-owned company that has a big impact, and we look forward to many more years of partnership.



Written by: Haven Windsor, MGC Content Creator

Blog Cover by: Averi Thompson, MGC Graphic Designer

Photography by: Luke Clark, MGC Photographer

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