Perfect Autumn Bearfoots Bears Figurines!

Jeff Fleming is an artist based in Montana who has always been inspired by the beauty of our state. Born and raised under Montana's big skies, his love for the outdoors and a chance encounter with a roadside woodcarver sparked a lifelong passion. Collaborating with Big Sky Carvers, Jeff's bear carvings became a sensation nation worldwide. However, in an effort to make his designs available to everyone, he began crafting the cherished Bearfoots Bears with Demdaco, capturing human experiences through resin figurines. Today, these timeless creations stand as a testament to nature's allure and Jeff's legacy here in Montana, cherished by collectors nationwide!

As the seasons change, and the vibrant colors of autumn begin to show, Jeff Fleming's adorable Bearfoots Bears emerge as the perfect home accent to celebrate the spirit of fall. These charming figurines, featuring endearing black bears engaging in human-like activities, offer a sense of joy and whimsy that complements the season's festivities. Whether it's a bear family roasting marshmallows by a campfire or a bear duo snuggling, each Bearfoots creation captures the essence of fall's coziness and togetherness. Here are 5 Bearfoots Bears figurines that are perfect for your home this autumn:

The Bridge Bearfoots Figurine by Jeff Fleming

Picture this: after a long, chilly autumn day, you return home to find The Bridge Bearfoots Figurine by Jeff Fleming. This heartwarming piece captures a serene moment with a mother bear and her cub, perched peacefully on a log bridge. The scene is both tranquil and nostalgic, making it the perfect addition to your autumn home décor. Imagine the cozy ambiance it adds to your countertop, a daily reminder of the simple joys of life!

The Bridge Bearfoots Bears by Jeff Fleming

Bearfoots Walk About Grand Bear by Jeff Fleming

Ready to hit the hiking trails this fall? You'll love the Bearfoots Walk About Grand Bear by Jeff Fleming, the perfect accent for your home, especially for families who often enjoy the beauty of autumn hikes. For over 25 years, Bearfoots Bears have been cherished as keepsakes, and Montana artist Jeff Fleming designs each piece with the beauty of nature in mind. With the Walk About Bear, he captures the essence of adventure that these black bears bring to life!

Walk around grand bear by jeff fleming

Bearfoots Camp Runamuck Bear Camp Figurine by Jeff Fleming

The Bearfoots Camp Runamuck Bear Camp Figurine by Jeff Fleming is an absolute must-have for those who cherish their camping adventures in the wilderness of Montana. This outdoors-inspired figurine shows off a Mama bear and her two curious cubs as they stumble upon a campsite. Those unsuspecting campers are in for a surprise when they return! As a 10th-anniversary piece from the Big Sky Carvers Bearfoots collection, this figurine is sure to bring a touch of whimsy and wilderness charm to your fall décor. Plus, it will surely become a talking piece!

Camp Runamuck Bearfoots Bears Jeff Fleming

Bearfoots Love You Beary Much Figurine by Jeff Fleming

As the crisp autumn air arrives and the leaves begin to fall, autumn becomes the season of snuggling up with those you cherish most. And what better way to celebrate that love than with the Bearfoots Love You Beary Much Figurine by Jeff Fleming? At Montana Gift Corral, love is always in the air, and this whimsical piece beautifully captures the love shared between two snuggly black bears. This figurine is a perfect addition to your fall home décor, and is crafted in durable resin, making it not only a symbol of enduring love but also built to last through the changing seasons and years! 

Love You Beary Much Jeff Fleming Bearfoots Bears

Waiter Bear Bearfoots Grand by Jeff Fleming

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Waiter Bear Bearfoots Grand by Jeff Fleming. If you've been wanting to add some nature-inspired charm to your fall parties and celebrations you'll adore this delightful addition that's always at your service! This Bearfoots Bear is not your ordinary guest; he's a fun-loving, helpful companion who is full of character and who is always ready to keep the party rolling! Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply want a unique stand for your displays, this bear is up to the task. Plus, here's a fun twist: the log he holds can be detached, thanks to cleverly placed magnets that connect to his paw.

Waiter bear by jeff fleming



Written by: Alexa Jorgenson, MGC Content Creator

Blog Cover by: Averi Thompson, MGC Graphic Designer

Photography by: Demdaco

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