Beachscape Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 79383


  • 3.25 X 2 X 4.5
  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Hand-painted/glittered

While we love the beauty of Montana winters, they can be brutally cold. This being said, when it is especially cold and dreary outside, we love to imagine that we are on a beach somewhere, laying in the sunshine, with a cold and delicious drink in hand. While we *technically* don't live near the beach, we can sure dream that we do with the Beachscape Ornament by Old World Christmas. This unique ornament is crafted with mouth-blown glass and has been carefully hand-painted and glittered with exceptional attention to detail. Bring some warmth to your home with this fun beach-inspired ornament!

Old World Christmas, the company behind this fun design, is committed to offering hand-crafted glass-blown Christmas tree ornaments that are sure to wow you and your guests! From wildlife to food/drink, and even landscapes, Old World Christmas's unique ornament designs will definitely bring a smile to your face. 

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