Gondola Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 81251


  • 4.25'' H X 3'' W X 1.25'' D
  • Material - Glass
  • Handmade

Memories floating the canals in Venice, Italy can be remembered every Holiday season with the Gondola Ornament by Old World Christmas. This handmade, glass, gondola ornament features a gondolier and his gondola in a canal underneath a beautiful bridge. The details of this gondola Christmas ornament are covered in glitter to show off the natural beauty of the depicted scene. Be transported back to the memorable times shared each year your hand this beautiful ornament on the tree and watch as this handmade ornament glistens underneath the glow of the Christmas lights.

Old World Christmas is a company that specializes in providing exquisite Christmas ornaments for customers to decorate their trees. Each ornament is handcrafted using a mouth-blowing technique and then coated with liquid silver to enhance the vibrancy of their colors. At Montana Gift Corral, we hold the festive season in high esteem all year round and are delighted to collaborate with a company that shares our passion for the holiday spirit.