Dean Crouser Gift Puzzle by Demdaco (9 styles)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 79620


  • Features Dean Crouser Wildlife Artwork
  • 120 pieces
  • Includes paperboard container with handle for easy storage

If you've been searching for that perfect puzzle for your next game night, look no further than the Dean Crouser Gift Puzzle by Demdaco. Featuring artwork from the highly esteemed Dean Crouser, not only will this 120-piece puzzle keep you occupied, but will act as a beautiful piece of home decor once finished. The whole family will be overjoyed at the opportunity to sit down and piece today this beautiful watercolor painting! Once assembled, you can glue, frame, and hang this stunning artwork to reminisce on good times spent with your loved ones. 

Dean Crouser, the famous watercolor artist, is a dear friend of Montana Gift Corral. Dean is an Oregon native, and can often be found fly fishing or camping in the beautiful forests below Mt. Hood. Much of his watercolor art is inspired by the wild places he visits in his free time! Dean Crouser is passionate about keeping his artwork simple. In fact, Dean states "I am always striving to say the most with the least and like to keep my work loose and spontaneous.". Dean's artwork is now licensed and collected worldwide.

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