Montana Gift Corral's Favorite Products from Renowned Artist, Dean Crouser

Six years ago the Montana Gift Corral was introduced to an artist who took our breath away. Vibrant colors swirled elegantly into the natural greens and browns, breathing an exciting life into the paintings. Paintings of bears and birds and mountains were things we had seen before but the style made them feel new and unique. Watercolor has always been my favorite medium and Dean Crouser’s paintings are some of the most amazing I have seen.

Dean Crouser Watercolor Painting at the Montana Gift Corral by Issa Rabideaux

Dean Crouser was born and raised in the beautiful coastal state of Oregon. Growing up, he spent his days exploring the abundant nature around him-hiking in the foothills of Mt. Hood, camping along Oregon High Lakes, and fishing in the Columbia River Gorge. As Dean grew, his love and passion for the outdoors grew as well; his joy of nature is evident in all of his paintings. He says, "My goal is to capture the beauty and simplicity of a scene in a manner that people haven't seen a million times before."    

Personally, I think Dean meets his goal every time. The images he paints invoke a sense of wonder. I could spend hours staring at his work, trying to soak in every brush stroke, every color, to see the way the water interacted with the paints. And to celebrate Dean Crouser, the Montana Gift Corral compiled a list of our favorite products featuring his work.


Dean Crouser Wall Art at the Montana Gift Corral by Issa Rabideaux

One of the best ways to experience the wonderful work of Dean Crouser is to simply hang a painting on your wall. Dean Crouser’s paintings feature all aspects of nature, from the most delicate iris to a mare nurturing her foal. Dean Crouser Wall Art is a simple yet elegant way to show off your love for his work. Whether you prefer flowers that make you feel like you're resting in a secret garden or wild mountain meadow, or paintings of birds so realistic you can almost hear them singing, the watercolors by Dean are unique and beautiful just like you and your home.

Dean Crouser Beautiful Photo Frame at the Montana Gift Corral by Issa Rabideaux

Want to add a more personal touch to Dean Crouser’s paintings? The Montana Gift Corral has lovely picture frames that feature one of Dean Crouser’s gorgeous paintings. Each frame has space for the photo of a loved one or cherished memory. Beside the photo, one of Dean’s watercolors adds a splash of vibrancy. Colors swirl around the edges of your photo, accenting the painting and tying the two together. Find a frame with a painting of one of Dean’s horses for the equestrian in your life. Or get a frame that features some roses for that special someone in your life. Whichever frame you pick it is sure to be an elegant addition to your home and will add personality to any photograph.

Dean Crouser Snack Plates at Montana Gift Corral by Issa Rabideaux

Want to show off your Dean Crouser paintings to your guests in a fun and unique way? Maybe you’re hosting a party soon and want to use it as a chance to show off your sophisticated and dapper side. A great way to do that is by serving your favorite snacks on adorable snack plates! As your friends snack, a beautiful watercolor painting will be revealed! Images featuring your favorite Montana wildlife come to life bite by bite with the Dean Crouser Snack Plates! With over forty different paintings you can mix and match snack plates to make each event a unique experience!

Montana Gift Corral Dean Crouser Mugs by Issa Rabideaux

Nothing pairs better with mornings than a hot cup of coffee in your favorite mug. Combine beautiful art, delicious coffee, your favorite mug, and morning into one thing cozy experience. We have multiple different mugs wrapped with Dean Crouser work. We offer a wide array of his art on mugs, from irises and pansies to bears, foxes, cardinals, and bunnies! You will find exactly what you need from our gigantic selection of this extraordinary art. Running late in the morning, or prefer a portable version of Dean Crouser art? We offer travel mugs with many variations of his paintings as well! These gorgeous mugs are some of our favorites, and several workers at the warehouse arrive in the morning sporting their custom mug full of brewed perfection! Get one of both and Dean Crouser can always be a part of your morning!

However you choose to show off your favorite Dean Crouser paintings, the Montana Gift Corral has got you covered. From gift bags to mugs, to plates and bowls, show off your Dean Crouser watercolor painting in a way that is as unique as you!


Written by Issa Rabideaux

Edited by Stephen McNeal

Photos Credited to the Montana Gift Corral and Dean Crouser


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