Wild Pearle Canoe Earrings by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 77681


  • Nature Inspired
  • Spiritual stone

Abalone stone is a very interesting stone to be found and used. It has been known to have some spiritual properties to help guide people through life, strengthen the body and heart and help connect people to their feelings and emotions. This stone has been used by many different cultures for certain ceremonies and rituals but the most common use of abalone stones are for making beautiful jewelry. For whatever reason you see fit, this stone has a place in your life somewhere. 

A.T. Storrs is a family owned company that want to help people remember their travels in the form of beautifully crafted jewelry. Founded in 1977 this is a second generation family company and they have grown to love providing high quality jewelry and exceptional customer service. Thats why we love to work with them! At the Montana Gift Corral we love to help people remember their travels and what better way to do that than by working with a company who share that same value.