Wild Pearle Serenity Earrings by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 77698


  • Handmade in Canada
  • Abalone Silver Plated Earrings
  • Lightweight and hypoallergenic

 Serenity: The State of Being Calm, Peaceful, and Untroubled.

There is something so calming about living an untroubled and drama-free life. The thought of floating through life, simply enjoying every moment is truly soothing. If you need a reminder to roll with the punches, and take life as it is, pick up our Wild Pearle Serenity Earrings by A.T. Storrs. Featuring beautiful inlays crafted from abalone shells, we guarantee these stunningly designed earrings will be your new go-to's!

Since 1975, A.T. Storrs has been producing beautiful designs that have enamored individuals throughout the world. Using real abalone shells, this company is known for crafting jewelry that ranges from iridescent shades of blue, green, and even yellow! If you've been searching for new jewelry to add to your collection, check out our vast selection of accents from A.T. Storrs!