The Art of Thoughtful Gift-Giving and Finding the Perfect Present

By Teresa Joaquim 

Gift-giving is more than just an object exchange, it is also a gesture that shows appreciation and can strengthen bonds. But sometimes finding just the right gift for a loved one can feel like a challenge. Will they like it? Does it show enough care? What is too much? What is too little? In this article, we’ll teach you the art of thoughtful gift-giving and finding the perfect present. 

Find What They Love

The basic principle of finding the perfect gift is being altruistic: think about what your person would like to receive, not what you would like to give—as these are two separate things. And to know what they would like to receive, you have to find what they love: 

  • Ask close friends and family about their passions and hobbies.
  • Pay attention to what the person shares with you, their dreams, desires, and needs.

For example, if their favorite hobby is cooking, why not get them a beautiful kitchen boa? Finding what they love will help you find a gift that resonates with them.

Adapt to the Occasion

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Apply your knowledge about this person to find something appropriate for each occasion. If your partner has holes in their socks and has been talking about needing a new pair for a while, maybe they would love to receive them as a surprise treat. Small but unexpected gestures can show genuine consideration.

But a pair of plain white socks on Christmas might send a different message—that you didn’t think about making the occasion special. A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to demonstrate that you care. It’s the thought that counts. 

So maybe your partner wouldn’t like receiving plain white socks for Christmas, but if they love animals, a decorative funny animal pattern would turn these socks into a cozy wintery gift they would wear joyfully.

Prioritize Meaningful Experiences

A gift does not need to be something material; it can be an experience. Nothing is more valuable than spending quality time with the person you cherish and creating memories together.

Maybe your person loves painting but for some reason lost the motivation to keep going. Besides just gifting them with new painting material, why not attend a painting session together? By creating a meaningful experience, you can encourage their passion and strengthen your friendship or romantic bond.

If they love a band or artist, how about gifting them with tickets so you both go to a concert together? Or what about taking them to a fun winter activity? Turn off the phones and gift your loved one with the most precious gift possible: your time and attention.

Add Something Unique

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Add something unique about yourself when gifting. Think about the best gift you’ve ever received. It probably holds a meaningful feeling behind it. Maybe it is a drawing by your artist or maybe it is a belonging that was passed down from a family member. 

Either way, this meaningful feeling likely comes from the fact that this item carries something unique about the person who gifted it to you. That feeling comes from the time and effort they dedicated to selecting this item. So apply this principle when gifting to someone else. 

  • Write a sincere, genuine note.
  • Add a picture of you both or something special to them.

And, of course, if you’re an artisan and would like to create an entirely handmade item with crochet, embroidery, painting, sculpture, or other crafts—needless to say it would make this gift even more special. 

Think About the Message

The words in a written note are not the only way to communicate: The object of choice also communicates a feeling, so think about what message you want to send. 

Red roses are considered a romantic gesture, for example. If you’re celebrating someone’s achievement, you can gift them with a money tree, a plant that symbolizes prosperity and good luck.

Use the Four Rules of Gift-Giving

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If all else fails, the four simple rules of gift-giving can help you make a wise choice. Gift someone with something they want, something they need, something to wear, or something to read. 

  • Something they want: You know that mug your wife found online and showed you?  
  • Something they need: Maybe your son is into music but his headphones broke.
  • Something to wear: Is your uncle a big rock fan? Get him a shirt from a band he’s a fan of.
  • Something to read: If your best friend is a true bookworm, get them a cozy fall book.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can choose a great present for your loved one. Remember, the true value of things is not in the objects themselves but in the intention behind them. Don’t be afraid to express your appreciation and care, and the perfect gift will find you. 


A psychologist by training, Teresa is a creative writer with a background in scientific research. With a passion for art and a deep connection with nature, she enjoys leisurely visits to the park and listening to music while admiring the beauty of local flowers and the native landscape.

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