10 Western Books for a Rainy Day

There's nothing like spending your summer mornings on your front porch with a good book in hand. Here's some of our favorite picks! From Montana histories to works of classic western fiction to lovely travel guides, these books are sure to delight! These books are an authentic way to get a touch of the Montana experience from the comfort of your couch.


1. A Taste of Montana- Favorite Recipes from Big Sky Country by Seabring Davis


“Montana is the fourth largest state, and agriculture is its number one industry. Some of the best beef in the country is raised here, and the state's rich farmland yields abundant crops of wheat, lentils, barley, and oats. With numerous farmers' markets, summertime offers fresh product to both restaurant chefs and home cooks and gives folks a chance to get to know the people who grow their food."


When it comes to hosting the perfect summer BBQ, delicious Montana-inspired recipes are a must-have! Luckily, here at Montana Gift Corral we sell A Taste of Montana - Favorite Recipes from Big Sky Country written by Seabring Davis, a MT-based author, editor, and freelance writer. 

In this informational recipe book, you will find recipes from 58 contributors, and 45 regional Montana producers. Each and every recipe contributor involved in this one-of-a-kind cookbook is passionate about encouraging the farm-to-table movement. This movement is committed to promoting healthy and sustainably raised foods. 

What are you waiting for? Pick up this fun book to add some genuine MT flavor to your next get together, dinner party, or backyard BBQ!


A Taste of Montana


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2. Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey by Russell Rowland


 “This kind of open country seems to attract two very different types of people and create two kinds of towns. First there's a town like Fort Benton, where every place you go, people greet you like a long-lost relative … in most of the smaller towns in Eastern Montana, what you're going to encounter when you first walk into the local café is "the stare."


Everything about Montana is big – its skies, its mountains, even its plains. Yet despite this scope and scale, Russell Rowell has managed to capture the landscapes, the people, the towns, and the culture of this vast state in his newest book. This book is a big-picture version of Montana without sacrificing the details that make this state human and interesting.

Russell Rowland, the author of this intriguing novel, is critically-acclaimed as an author of 6 books, a podcast host, and as a mentor. His name is well-known throughout the state of Montana. In fact, he is often referred to as "a true voice of the Big Sky Country"!

fifty six counties

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3. Bozeman From the Heart


"Learn about some of the quirky characters who called (and some who still call) Bozeman home, the nascent arts, and cultural scene of the fifties, sixties, and seventies, and the way in which our personal lives and the life of the community are entwined. With original pieces by local writers, leaders, and educators, this visually joyful book is far more than a simple recount of Bozeman. It is a tale from the heart."


Throughout Montana, you will find towns of varying size that are so passionate about the place they call home. People love to claim that their town is the best and most beautiful, that it is a private paradise few people bother to discover. This being said, there is something about Bozeman, MT, that simply speaks for itself. From its collection of quirky neighborhoods, to its booming downtown, and especially its opportunity for outdoor recreation, we are convinced that this district town is a must-have on any travelers bucket list! 

Bozeman From the Heart is a heartfelt collection of stories, memories, and poems from the people of Bozeman. Whether it be an artist who has found inspiration amongst the stunning Bridger mountain range, an author who frequents one of Bozeman's local cafes, or even a college student that spends his/her time studying in one of this towns tranquil parks, this book tells their stories alongside breathtaking oil paintings that capture the spirit of the small western city. 


Bozeman from the heart


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4. Death & Survival in Glacier National Park by C.W. Guthrie & Dan and Ann Fagre


“The Going-to-the-Sun Road climbs from valleys on the eastern and wester sides of the park to reach Logan Pass at 6,646 feet. An enormously popular attraction of Glacier, the road is traverse by nearly seventy percent of park visitors each year, either by personal vehicles or shuttle buses. Most are blissfully unaware of the low-probability but high-consequence risks to which they are exposed! ”


From fearsome animals to sheer cliffs, suffocating avalanches, turbulent rivers and more, these gripping accounts of human wit and will are true page turners for those brave enough to read them! This book details the heroic actions of Montana’s search-and-rescue professionals who protect those who run into misfortune among Glacier National Park’s vast wilderness expanses.

Writers C.W. Guthrie, Dan Fagre, and Ann Fagre are all local Glacier experts who have been involved in a scrap or two themselves. This fascinating read includes several maps, charts, and graphs of the larger Glacier area, as well as the most complete and detailed chronological list of all 296 recorded deaths within the park’s limits ever compiled.


Death & Survival in Glacier National Park


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4. The Best of Yellowstone National Park by Alan Leftridge


"The purpose of this book is to reveal Yellowstone National Park's iconic features, and to relate to you the best of the park as identified by some of the people who work and live here. I intend to do this by telling you what I think you should know about the park, as if you were a family member or friend visiting the park for the first time"


Make sure you get the best possible experience out of your trip to the world’s first National Park! This handy guide covers everything you’ll need to know ~ and some extra tidbits as well. From the most enjoyable hikes, the best places and times to find Yellowstone’s flora and fauna, to hidden waterfalls and more, this book has it all!

Author Alan Leftridge has worked as a seasonal naturalist and wildlife ranger in the park for years, and has become quite the expert on the regions secrets and sights. Share in that knowledge and foster your own Montana memories with The Best of Yellowstone!


The Best of Yellowstone National Park


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Western Books for a Rainy Day


If these particular reads aren't to your liking, then check out some of our other Montana books.


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